Fat dissolving injections are made from Deoxycholic Acid Solutions. This acid is naturally occuring, produced within the human body by the liver. By using this acid at a higher concentration it can be injected into specific areas and used to target and destroy fat cells.

Fat dissolving ingredients are injected directly into the adipose tissue in the body. You can safely use them for the face or body. For small areas such as jowls or chin, you can see a difference after 1 treatment. You are able to administer a course of treatments, in order to help contour the body over time. The products are a water-based solution that is injected into the fatty tissue, surrounds the cells and destroys them. Our bodies then eliminate the waste through urination. 

Treatment results will be seen in as little as a week, with the full effect of treatment being apparent after 4 weeks. Larger areas will need more than one session to achieve the desired result.

Exercise is not advisable for the first 72 hours, along with using sunbeds or sun bathing, saunas, swimming or drinking alcohol.


We now offer an enhanced version of fat dissolving, which involves administering an extra injectable before treatment. This accelerates the process of fat dissolving.

What should I expect after a fat dissolving session?

In the first few days, there will be some swelling and tenderness. As this settles, you’ll notice the skin of the treated area may feel firm and numb to touch. This is to be expected, and will gradually improve over the following few weeks. The final result will be visible 8 weeks after your procedure.

Generally, at least 2 sessions of fat dissolving injections are recommended at a minimum. Those with more fat, more fibrous fat, and those who want to achieve a more pronounced result will need more sessions.


As fat dissolving injections permanently remove treated fat cells, the result is also permanent. However, future weight gain may mean that you can put fat on in the treated area, but it will be much less compared to if you hadn’t undergone the treatment.

Are there any side effects

When performed with skill, caution and care, fat dissolving injections is categorised as a low-risk procedure. You can reduce the risk of side effects by following proper fat dissolving injection aftercare.

While it is unlikely, some fat dissolving injection side effects that you may experience include:

  • Skin redness that will gradually improve in the first few days.
  • Bruising which has about a 5-10% risk and can be covered with makeup.

Double chin fat injections also have a rare risk of temporary lower lip weakness.

If you ever notice any rashes or skin discolouration after fat dissolving injections, it is important that you gets intouch with us for an assessment. You can send a photo of your concerns using our contact form.

Why is aftercare important?

No matter if it’s your first fat dissolving injection treatment or your tenth, following the fat dissolving injection aftercare is very important.

Following these aftercare instructions for fat dissolving injections is the best way to care for your resulting, reduce the chance of side effects.

While these aftercare steps may seem minor and trivial, not following them may compromise your result.

We want you to achieve the best result possible and love your new look, so please, take care.